Group Services
Group Services Package $25-40 per person/hr   Garden Carrots

Get together with your baby group to learn about introducing solids, making homemade baby food, or picky eaters. Perhaps you would like a sport nutrition seminar for your team. A 'lunch and learn' session at your work place may be the right pick for you. Maybe you and your friends would like more information on reading labels or eating for the health of it.

Group Presentations: Does your group want to sit back and take in a presentation on a topic of your choice? Get together with a minimum of 4 of your friends, colleagues, team-mates or family. Decide what topics interest you most. Give me a call to set up a plan or get some ideas. Presentations are for a minimum of one hour. $25/person/hr.

Group Workshops: Do you want something more hands-on? Workshops are designed to get you busy experiencing food. You may enjoy making baby-food, getting creative with snacks for kids, learning to cook a heart healthy meal or finding out how much sugar is in your favorite beverages... Whatever the group, whatever the topic, we can discuss ways to make it a hands-on experience! Workshops are for a minimum of one hour. $40/person/hr

OTHER: Contact me to discuss other formats, if the above doesnt meet your needs.

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Gift Certificates

Yes, we do offer gift certificates for individuals. Please consider treating one of your loved ones today.

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