NEW!! Kids Summer Cooking Camps:
Camps can be arranged for small groups ranging from Gr 3-5. Experience hands on cooking sessions while having fun and learning about the health benefits of the foods we cook. YUM! Click here for a registration form and more information

Is pleased to be your Dietitian at Real Nutrition Consulting. Tammy is also specialized as a Certified Diabetes Educator as well as a sport nutrition consultant. More about Tammy

Registered Dietitian, Professional Dietitian and Dietitian are protected terms by provincial legislation and can only be used by Dietitians who have met national standards for education and training and who are members of their provincial regulatory bodies. More about dietitians...



Think Healthy. Believe in You. Feel Great

Real Nutrition Consulting was created to provide real nutrition information to suit your lifestyle. Food is one of the cornerstones to good nutrition, health and wellbeing. The aim of Real Nutrition Consulting is to turn the science of food and nutrition into a simple, realistic plan that you can easily build into your personal health goals. There is no 'one plan fits all' approach. An individualized plan will be tailored to meet your needs.

You may want help with...

  • Preventing or managing an illness or disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, or other medical referrals...
  • Designing a healthy lifestyles plan
  • Sport nutrition for individuals or teams
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding or infant feeding
  • Feeding preschoolers and children
  • Family nutrition and menu planning
  • Grocery shopping and label reading
  • Improving your health for a special event

Whatever your interest, we can create a package for you.


A consultation with a Registered Dietitian may be covered by your insurance provider. You'll need to check your plans details to see if visits are covered.